The SmartLight solution results in a significantly more efficient Health and Wellness program for self-funded Employers.

The American healthcare system has become increasingly more elaborate and difficult to navigate. Within this environment of complexity and rising costs, 96% of employers are now funding their own healthcare. Industry experts estimate that billions of dollars are leaking out of the system with no measurable improvement in patient health. To significantly reduce this waste, SmartLight delivers a low-touch, high-impact solution to self-funded employers.

Let the experts at SmartLight be your partner in lowering your medical costs through collaboration with your claims administrator. SmartLight uses proven methods developed over decades of experience working with claims administrators to consistently reduce health spend by 3-5% for our customers.

Smarter methodology results in superior results.

SmartLight fine-tunes our approach to your data because each employee population is different.

SmartLight understands that complete methodologies not only maximize the identified waste but also create high-confidence, true positive findings that compel participants into action.

SmartLight methods consistently produce the highest actionable findings in the industry by utilizing the force-multiplying power of data expertise, inferential analytics, and clinical expertise to identify your wasteful spend.

Data Expertise

Understanding the nuances of big data in healthcare is critical to an effective assessment. SmartLight’s team has decades of experience navigating the most complex healthcare databases in America.

Clinical Expertise

SmartLight’s team of clinical experts provides a complete picture of medically appropriate care. Outlier scenarios are vetted for clinical relevance prior to taking action.

Statistical Expertise

SmartLight applies dynamic inferential analytics to deliver the most complete and compelling savings in the market.

Claims Expertise

Through our extensive experience working alongside claims administrators, the SmartLight team has developed a proven solution that substantially reduces your wasteful spend.

Our Differentiators


Minimal Employer resources, ZERO employee participation.


Engaged exclusively with self-funded employers.


Unique, employer-centric data models that are layered with statistical and clinical input then weighted to create the highest true positive rate in the industry.


Proven statistical methods used to identify areas of focus that vary from customer to customer.